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Equipping you to achieve your dreams

We believe that most business owners underestimate what’s possible, and we take you on a discovery process to uncover the true, real-world potential of your business.


Whether you're starting out or need to re-align your vision and goals, we help to clarify where you are and where you are going. We provide proactive thought leadership as we challenge the status quo and help you to determine what you need to solve your business issues and grow your business.

Brooklyn Bridge


Making brilliant deductions

As an accounting firm who minimizes your tax issues and serves as your trusted advisor, we take care of all of your tax needs, and we are timely and responsive as we do it.


From business entity selection to structuring the sale of a business, and everything in between, we can assist in evaluating tax implications and guiding you through the process. 

We offer depth of knowledge and expertise for all of your tax law questions. You will have confidence and security in having every matter reviewed and signed off on by a licensed CPA.

Scaling the Rocks


Taking concrete action to grow your business year after year

You have goals you want to meet, and you want to know how you are doing. We listen carefully to your story and incisively articulate the best course of action for your business to succeed, taking into consideration the multiple complex factors you face every day.


We help you to interpret the numbers and to set up the best accountability and monitoring structures for your business to strongly move forward.

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