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Good Beginnings Have the End in Mind

When most of us start a new job or a new business, we are rightly most highly concerned with what our lives will look like as soon as we start this new undertaking. We ask ourselves, how much will I have to work? Will I have time to do the other things I want and need to do in life?  Will I make enough money to support myself and others?  Am I going to enjoy doing this on a daily basis?

These are all very good and important questions to consider before starting a new venture. However, it’s also important to think about the big picture and the long term. It’s easy to lose the forest of our future in the trees of making it through the next day, but each business and job brings with it the potential for future greatness -- but also limitations and constraints on what is possible.

What exactly the future looks like is obviously unique to any given job or business. The most important thing is to consider this before you take that offer or sign that lease that commits you. Think about what your business can look like ten years down the road. Think about what options you will have if your new job doesn’t work out, or if your new store doesn’t bring in quite as many customers as you hoped. Think about what you might want your life to look like after you’ve gotten off the ground and things have had a couple of years to settle in. By thinking about the end before you begin, you can save yourself a lot of heartache - or maybe you can realize there is potential you have never even considered before.

If you would like to talk through this visioning process with someone, we are here to be your guide - just give us a call. Also, you can look forward to our new line of business coaching services we will be rolling out in 2018. My goal for these is to be a friend to entrepreneurs, who are so often required to stand alone and make difficult, long-lasting choices. I’ve walked this road, and I want to share my knowledge and ideas with you.

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