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Have the Drive (Fundamentals of Business #2)

Running a business is hard. Don’t get me wrong - almost all jobs are hard. Running a business is a different kind of hard than being an employee, though. When you work for someone else, especially a bigger company, you’re only working on a piece of the puzzle. Typically, there’s someone else to back up your decisions, and you have administrative personnel to support you.

When you start out on a new business, you have to do it all (or you have to decide how it gets done and pay for it). You go to the bank, you buy office supplies, you call clients, you pay bills, you market the company, you answer all the e-mails. It’s much tougher to truly disengage when you own the place, because it’s your money that’s coming in - that money that you need to pay the mortgage and feed your family. The hours can be long, and the stress will most certainly be high at times.

All that to say - you had better want it. You need to want to own a business. You need to want to own a business doing what you’re doing. Some people are more capable of being engaged by the process of entrepreneurship, regardless of what their business is actually producing, and these people are often truly gifted entrepreneurs. For the rest of us, we need to actually be interested in what we’re doing. Oftentimes, this interest can be a learned experience. Years of experience in our fields, combined with some natural desire for independence, can lead someone to go into work for themselves, but you can also start a business doing something new.

You’ve got to enjoy what you’re doing to stay sane and succeed with a new business. It’s the only way to have the power to push through the doldrums and administrative headaches that come with doing anything for yourself - but it will also give you the potential to stick with it and reap massive rewards.

Find the core of that which essentially drives you. What drives you to do this thing essentially overrides the cost of doing it. You are trading what you could be doing because of a very specific thing that you want. Record it in a way that you can go back to it again and again, when the times are tough or you just need to be reminded. You will need it.

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