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Saving You from the Blob

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Last week we had an honest conversation in our office about the so-called tax planners who save you X amount of dollars - and how we are different from them.

What does this mean?

Well, you might hear about people gaming the system and getting ridiculous tax breaks, but rest assured, it won't end well. The IRS is a slow-moving machine that will actually come and get them at the end of the day - maybe not this actual day, but eventually. Let's think of the IRS as the Blob.

Essentially, we don't take risks with strategies - we stick to the tried and true, proven ways to minimize your taxes. We can do this because we both truly understand the tax code and are completely on the up and up.

But this doesn't mean we won't be aggressive. We do everything in our power and within the law to do right by you, for your business.

And in this way, you'll be safe from the Blob, with more money in your pocket.

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