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  • Evan Kirkpatrick

Set Your Course for the Destination

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

If you talk about your business with us, you’ll very soon hear us talk about the future. If you talk to us about the future for more than a few minutes, you will pretty much always hear us bring up what you are trying to accomplish over the next year, and the next few years, in light of the life of your business.

There’s a very simple reason for this. You can’t get to somewhere specific you’re trying to go without actively working to get there.

If you’re driving to get to a specific place, you have to take a route that actually ends there. There might be several, or even dozens, of different routes that you can use. Some of the routes are better than others.

You don’t get to your destination just by making the most seemingly logical turn at every intersection you pass without using a map. You will probably get to the place you want eventually, but you might spend four times longer doing it, or run yourself into traffic, or make a giant loop on accident.

Whether it be financial strategy, marketing strategy, tax strategy, or any sort of plan that is dealing with more than immediate needs, you need a clear destination and a roadmap to get there.

Let’s get a conversation going on your goals and we can map out the best route to your destination.

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